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  1. Series: Blaha

-YA; low budget; Hatchet meets Ferris Buehler’s Day Off

A fifteen year old boy discovers his mom has run off with a former 80’s Hair Band drummer, leaving him to fend for himself. With the help of his best friends, he moves into his high school, where he discovers the secrets lives, loves and tribulations of his teachers.

2. Series: Blood Amulet

-Fantasy romance; mid-budget; Game of Thrones meets Carnival Row

A beautiful princess must take a treacherous journey across a frozen wasteland occupied by outlaws and appeal to a ruthless king to obtain the amulet that might save her father’s life from a deadly sickness.

3. Series: Good Thunder

-Adventure, mystery, comedy; low-mid budget; Longmire meets Good Girls

A fiesty journalist with a drinking problem must solve a cold case in six days to save the family farm. Will she find the killer in time… or become his next victim?

4. Movie: You Again

-Romance; low-budget

After a series of disastrous dates a wedding planner swears off men… until a mysterious and handsome man begins showing up at her weddings.

5. Movie: A Very Minnie Christmas

-Romance; low-budget; Say Anything meets Just Friends

The girl-next-door also happens to be the town clutz. After falling from a ladder, she wakens to find her high school sweetheart and one-time fiancé has come home for the holidays… with a blonde bombshell in tow.

6. Movie: Home for the Holidays

-Romance; low-budget

When an ambitious and competitive architect goes home for the holidays, she finds herself paired with a handsome local firefighter for her hometown’s best tradition: the annual Christmas Games.

7. Series: Sarah

-Period piece; dramedy; mid-budget; Keeping Up Appearances meets Downton Abbey

A socially ambitious woman finds herself the guardian of her mixed-race niece after a shipwreck killed her brother as they were returning to England from Jamaica.


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