Welcome to my blog. I have been published in The Broadkill Review and Iconoclast. I love reading and writing. I also love discussing reading and writing and sharing ideas. I am currently working on a mystery/thriller/romance.

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Beta Readings: I’m willing to beta read for you but since I work full time and I’m in the process of writing a full-length novel, I have to request that you send only one chapter or ten pages. Please send it to my gmail address. Please also give me permission to “edit” so I can make comments on your work. I will not embed my comments in your ms, nor will I make any changes to your ms. All comments will be added in notes to the side of your document so you can resolve them (or not). I will read just about anything:  fiction of any genre, poems, non-fiction, etc. I will provide honest feedback – but I know your writing will be awesome!

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Free Audible version of Darling’s Faerie available to book bloggers!

Hi, if you are a book reviewer and/or blogger and would like a free Audible version of my YA novella, Darling’s Faerie, please let me know. I have about 15 codes to give away. 

You do NOT have to actually publish a review of the book if you decide not to. There are NO strings attached to this offer at all. I simply want to get Darling’s Faerie into the hands of people who love YA. Contact me if interested!

-Amy Sparks, Author of Darling’s Faerie

The Blue Blazes- Chuck Wendig — Wordaholicanonymous

As an avid reader, I have no idea how Chuck Wendig slipped under my radar for so long. I feel cheated. Also, I’m pretty sure he’s my spirit animal. If you haven’t read his work, run, don’t walk, to your local book store or Amazon RIGHT FUCKING NOW and get a piece of his work. Seriously. You can thank me later.

Tonight my fellow Wordaholics, I will not be including the book blurb of Blue Blazes. The blurb on the back is a total missleading thing and I got a bit angry becuase I couldn’t find the most fitting intro… Chuck Wendig wrote a Urban Fantacy that I have been listening to this past month […]

via The Blue Blazes- Chuck Wendig — Wordaholicanonymous

Black Out Poem: Herman Melville’s Moby Dick – The Chase by Amy Sparks


Allowing little space

for the light to spread


Through night

Confidence acquired by

Great natural geniuses

swim for time

Out of sight

Losing sight of coast

He desires to return again

But at some further point

Like this compass

And takes the bearing of the cape

Night obscures

Through the darkness

The coast hunter’s skill

As the mighty iron in their hands

Lightly say of it

The ship tore on

Leaving such as furrow in the sea as when

Canon-ball misspent

Becomes a ploughshare

And turns up

This swift of deck

And tangles the heart

This ship and I are two brave fellows!

Some one take me on the sea

That leaves no dust behind

Right ahead! Was now the mast-head cry

I knew it – ye can’t escape

Blow on and split

The mad fiend himself is after ye!

Blow your trump

Blister your lungs!

Ahab will dam off your blood

As a miller shuts his water gate upon the stream!

Like old wine

Pale fears and forebodings some have felt before

These were not only now kept out of sight.