Welcome to my blog. I have been published in The Broadkill Review and Iconoclast. I love reading and writing. I also love discussing reading and writing and sharing ideas. I am currently working on a mystery/thriller/romance.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, about what I post here, feel free to contact me.

Beta Readings: I’m willing to beta read for you but since I work full time and I’m in the process of writing a full-length novel, I have to request that you send only one chapter or ten pages. Please send it to my gmail address. Please also give me permission to “edit” so I can make comments on your work. I will not embed my comments in your ms, nor will I make any changes to your ms. All comments will be added in notes to the side of your document so you can resolve them (or not). I will read just about anything:  fiction of any genre, poems, non-fiction, etc. I will provide honest feedback – but I know your writing will be awesome!

You can also find me at:

Twitter: @sparks_amy

Facebook:  facebook.com/amy.s.sparks

Facebook Author’s Page:  facebook.com/amy.sparks.24

Pinterest:  Amy Sparks


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